in the home stretch


Death_to_stock_photography_Vibrant (9 of 10)It’s finally here — my last semester of graduate school.

I decided when I was 25 that I wanted to go back to school to be a math teacher — so I did it. It’s taken me awhile, and there have been a few rough patches, but now I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Auburn has been so good to me.  I’ve enjoyed my education and experiences more than I can say. I’ve met great people, had wonderful professors, learned a ton, and worked as a graduate assistant which was such a blessing.

But now, after just a few more months, I’ll be leaving the safe, little world at the Haley Center behind and entering into the great unknown — my. own. classroom.

I’m excited — a little scared — but mostly just excited.

This is what I’ve been preparing for. This is what I’ve been reading about, talking about, and writing about for the past 4 years. And now I’m ready.

Or… at least as ready as I can be.

The truth is, I know that I still have A TON to learn. I always will. The best teachers are always learning, right?

But I know one thing for sure — teaching is such a privilege. 

I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to go back to school to pursue this career. A career where I can make a difference in students’ lives, prepare them for a meaningful future, and have some fun while doing it.

So kids, wherever you are, just get ready. This math nerd is coming for ya! 🙂