I’m official. I have a name tag.

It’s the little things in life. It really is. Who knew that a little plastic name tag with an incredibly grainy photo could be so exciting?!

It says, “Math Teacher”. So I guess that’s what I am. It’s official.

I. Am. A. Math. Teacher.


I just finished my first day of new teacher orientation and can I confess something to you really quick? I’m one of those nerdy people who likes meetings.

I know… 


We are super annoying.


Regardless, today was really fun. I loved being around some fellow bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, naive, stars-in-our-eyes, brand spankin’ new teachers. It just felt right. And made me feel less uncool (double negative?) for being so excited about this new endeavor.

And yes, we talked about lots of overwhelming paperworky details that kind of made my want to stick a needle in my eye, but overall I’m feeling good.

I’m thrilled to have this opportunity. So fortunate to work with people who really care about the students. Blessed to get paid to do something that matters. Something I love. And I’m pumped it’s FINALLY time to get started and see all that this year holds.


You know that feeling you get when your click-click-clicking up a roller coaster at the very beginning? Right before you’re about to take off? You’re kind of scared. Definitely excited. You’ve got some butterflies, for sure. But still you can’t seem to wipe the smile off of your face?

That’s the way I feel right now.

I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a wild, humbling, crazy beautiful ride.

Until next time, math nerds. 


I’m participating in #MTBoSBlaugust this year, and it’s pretty awesome. I’m hoping to blog at least twice per week during the month of August, and hopefully document some of the ins and outs of my very first month of my very first year. It’s exciting stuff, people. And thanks SO MUCH to all the kind teachers of the #MTBoS who have been so encouraging and helpful as I prepare for this adventure.




4 thoughts on “I’m official. I have a name tag.

  1. Welcome to blaugust! I love this post because I am starting a new high school and can totally relate with the roller coaster feeling!!! Even when you have taught for years, it is still nerve-racking to start a new school. I look forward to reading more of your blogs!


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