sometimes I wonder.


Sometimes I wonder why I chose a job that is literally never EVER finished. I mean, sure. We get summers off and I technically could leave at 3:30 every day, but in reality? A teacher’s job is never done. Always thinking. Always planning. Always grading. Always trying.

Why didn’t I choose one of those jobs that I could really leave at work? Something that wouldn’t take over my life?

Sometimes I wonder why I chose a job that requires me to get up soooooo early. 5 a.m. wakeup calls are the absolute worst. Every stinking morning. I’ve never been a morning person and it’s not looking like that’s changing any time soon.

Why can’t schools start at 9? 9:00 is a much more civilized hour.  

Sometimes I wonder what it will be like when we have children. Can I do this job well and still be a good mom? How on earth will I manage it all?

How can I possibly find the energy to do both? 

Sometimes I wonder what my students will remember about me. That crazy math teacher who danced around and told stupid jokes.

Will they remember my smile? The way I laughed at the hilarious things they said? The way I believed in them? Those bad days when I yelled at them because they just.wouldn’t.shut.up? 

Teaching is tough, y’all.  But it’s wonderful all at the same time. I chose this job because I wanted to make a difference–and making a difference is almost never easy. But it is almost always worth it.

Help me, Lord.

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