Dear new teacher, Hang in there.


[a letter to myself]

New teacher, let me tell you something. This job is hard. It really is. So when you feel the weight of it all, which you most certainly will, don’t feel alone. Don’t feel ill-equipped. Don’t feel weak. Don’t start reevaluating all of your plans. Here me say that teaching is tough. There’s so much to learn. It is completely, perfectly normal to feel all that you feel.

You know what else? It DOES get better. You’ll be amazed at how much you grow in just one semester. Second semester, you know things. Not allllll the things, but you’ve got some skills. Be proud of them.

And you’ll never believe this. It’s so great.  Like, unexpectedly wonderful. Those students you had first semester? Even the ones you *might* have wanted to strangle and didn’t, thankfully. They’ll come back and see you. They’ll smile. They’ll high five you. They’ll tell you that they miss you. And right then and there, you will melt into a puddle on the classroom carpet. And you will hang onto those moments. Tuck them into your back pocket. Because you never know when you might need to remember why you decided to become a teacher in the first place.

New teacher, you are doing a good thing. You may not be the most amazing teacher in the whole world, or even in your school… but you are doing a good thing. You are making a difference in students’ lives. You are investing in the future. You are caring for young people in some of their most formative years. You. are. so. needed.

So when your head hits the pillow at night, and your body, mind, and soul are so so tired. And when the alarm clock goes off at that ungodly hour and you wonder why you ever agreed to get up this early. And when your students act like they’ve lost all their sense and make you so mad that you think you actually could spit fire.


Hang in there. You are doing a good thing.

2 thoughts on “Dear new teacher, Hang in there.

  1. Yay you. I’m so happy to read this letter to yourself because yes, yes, yes. You could be writing this letter to me in year 16 and it would still be perfect. I’m sure you will come back to the post repeatedly throughout the rest of the year and years ahead. In fact, go ahead and just print it out and keep it on your bulletin board or in your drawer. Congrats for figuring out so much so quickly about why we do this ridiculous, all consuming job ❤

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    1. Casey! Thanks so much for the encouragement. And such a great idea! I really should print this out for those days when I need a good reminder.


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