Let’s do this thang.

Y’all. We’re on the downhill slope–the negative slope, if you will. (Slope dude anyone? Niiiiiiiiiice negative.) We have made it to the fourth nine weeks and I can hardly believe it. But then again, I look at the bags under my eyes and feel the exhaustion in my bones and I definitely believe it. Whew. I’ve almost survived my first year in the classroom.

I’ll be honest and say that this year has been an emotional roller coaster–somewhat resembling the graph of a polynomial function. (Apologies for the bad math jokes. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.) And now that we’re almost to the end, I’m determined to finish this year well.

up down, up down, up down… you get the picture.

Even if you’ve been teaching a long time, chances are you’re feeling pretty worn out too. The end of the year seems to be tough on everyone. Testing (Oh Lord,  the testing.) Sickness. Students going cray cray. And just plain ‘ole weariness. It’s tempting to just put on the cruise control and ride it out. Heck, I’ve already been doing this myself! BUT–the more I think about it, the more I don’t want that to be my end of year plan. I can do better, and my students NEED better.

So here’s the new end of year plan…

I’m going to plan the best I can. Smile the best I can. Love the best I can. Challenge the best I can. And put on my dang positive pants the best I can. 

You with me, teacher friend?


I spent entirely way too long searching for this GIF.

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