the girl behind the glasses

Hi – I’m the girl behind the glasses.

I took the long, windy, scenic route to becoming a math teacher. When I first went to college, I had NO CLUE what I wanted to do with my life. I was one of those crazy kids who changed their major umpteen times. So then, after several years out in the “real world” and trying lots of different things, I decided I wanted to teach math.  At 25, I went back to school and got a second bachelor’s degree (yes, that’s a thing) in secondary mathematics education at Auburn University. Then I stayed on as a graduate assistant and got my master’s degree, because I just couldn’t get enough. I guess I finally found my thing. 🙂

Now, I’m a math teacher in south Alabama where I teach Algebra 1Algebra 2 with Trig, and Precalculus. And I’m also crazy enough to be a cheer coach too. I love what I do, but it’s also overwhelming and exhausting at times.  I need all the help and prayers I can get.  #mathnerd4life


ENFP – The Campaigner


  1. Futuristic
  2. Activator
  3. Positivity
  4. Communication
  5. Woo

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